Part I of VI: overview of Vector Advisory’s integration planning tool

Vector Advisory Services has created a complimentary M&A Integration Planning Tool to assist business
owners and sponsors in evaluating the important aspects of integrating businesses through mergers and
acquisitions (M&A). The 25-point assessment tool has been developed to help buyers strategically
identify areas of focus and assess resource needs to successfully integrate a business across the
following five functional pillars:

1. Human Capital, Leadership, & Culture
2. Growth (Sales & Marketing)
3. Operations
4. Technology & Systems
5. Finance & Administrative

The team at Vector leverages the Integration Planning Tool to begin discussions with the company’s
leadership in order to gauge the priority of each pillar, the level of effort needed, and to identify concerns
and opportunities. Once we understand the priorities, we can then deep dive with a more detailed
assessment with additional company leadership.

Join us over the next several weeks as we share additional details and perspectives on each of the five
functional pillars that are included in the M&A Integration Planning Tool. You can also download and use
the tool for yourself on our website.

Contact us with any questions and for more information about Vector Advisory’s services.