Enterprise Application Advisory

Cloud applications come in multiple flavors and sometimes sound like alphabet soup (ERP, CRM, CPQ, PLM, iPaaS, SaaS, PaaS, etc.).  The industry or critical requirements determine the right solution for the organization.  Establishing the right platform to scale the business will impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the business model.  The stakes are high, and a poorly chosen and implemented solution will have negative implications for the success of the business.  

Adverse impacts include but are not limited to:

  • Inaccurate estimations 
  • Time-consuming proposals
  • Double and triple data entry 
  • Manual processes 
  • Product outages 
  • Ineffective accounting controls 
  • Mis-stated financial statements 

The Solution

Vector Advisory’s experienced team will guide you in the planning, implementation, and adoption processes.  We bring an un-biased independent viewpoint to the decision-making process.  Our time and experience within multiple industries and size of organizations allows us to tailor offerings to your needs.  Small and mid-size businesses have many of the same challenges as larger enterprises but without the budget.  Our team’s experience and depth allow you to understand and solve the problem efficiently.  

Our Approach 

We approach the opportunity within three phases of the -application life cycle.  The distinct phases include planning, implementation, and adoption.  Within each phase we use our proven tool-kit to identify, plan and achieve the opportunity.  

  • Planning
    • Benefits and cost of ownership planning
    • Software selection
    • Solution integrator evaluation and selection
    • Negotiation and contracting support
  • Implementation
    • Program planning and oversight
    • Implementation strategies and approach
    • Data preparation and system integration design
    • Secondary software scope and selection  
    • Readiness assessment
    • Deployment execution
  • Adoption 
    • Support strategy 
    • Adoption and optimization 
    • Project triage and remediation 

Our team has experience within multimillion-dollar organizations and multibillion-dollar organizations.  Industries served include:

  • Financial Services 
  • Professional and Business Services 
  • Education and Healthcare 
  • Construction and Building Materials 
  • Retail 
  • Natural Resources and Mining 
  • Transportation and Utilities 
  • Information Management, Software and Hardware

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