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Passionate about helping small- and mid-size companies take their business to the next level.

From Vision to Successful Combination

Merger & Acquisition Integration

We deliver proven, repeatable processes and supporting tools that can be quickly tailored to mergers and acquisitions of all sizes. We don’t just show you the way – we work alongside your teams to facilitate knowledge transfer, instill accountability, build functional integration plans, and establish effective reporting and governance.

Clarity & Confidence for Your Acquisition

Acquisition Due Diligence

We go beyond a book of tables and numbers helping buyers understand the models, bringing clarity and confidence to purchasing decisions. We quickly evaluate the business and critically challenge assumptions based on interviewing key personnel and analyzing data points over a two or three year period. We identify and investigate unusual fluctuations in performance and make appropriate adjustments stemming from incorrect accounting treatments, lifestyle expenses, or non-recurring expenditures. We also prepare a trailing twelve month (“TTM”) financial summary and other schedules that accurately depict the financial health of the company.

Optimized for Your Business

Finance & Accounting Advisory

We tailor ourselves to small- and mid-size businesses while providing the best practices you would see from most experienced “Big 4” consultants. Our professionals also bring real-world Controllership and CFO leadership experience from companies ranging from startups to industry-leading companies.

Additional Services

Stabilizing the Business, Accelerating Growth

Portfolio Company Onboarding

After the deal closes – the relationship truly begins. We help create a sustaining alignment process between the sponsor and its portfolio company. Beyond strategic alignment, we ensure acquired businesses have financial and operational processes to deliver on the investment thesis and are positioned best to benefit from the sponsor’s relationship.

Funding the Right Way

Capital Advisory

Raising early rounds of capital is a process that’s not as simple as it seems, and entrepreneurs get caught up with the minutia of features and functions and the day-to-day of running their business. We collaboratively apply our experience, market expertise, and proven process to accelerate the ability to raise the right type of capital by formulating strategy, developing the investor models, crafting the collateral, and coaching for funding.

Risk-Based, Tailored Solutions

Risk Assurance & Compliance

Whether you are looking to take your business public or want a more cost-effective solution for compliance testing, we actually “wrote the book” on how some of the “Big 4” minimize compliance costs for clients by focusing on the “right controls.” We provide Sarbanes-Oxley 404 initial and sustained compliance, internal audit co-sourcing and outsourcing and enterprise risk management solutions.