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Friday, 31 December 2021 | News

The Great and Bad of 2021; The Vision for 2022

The Great and Bad of 2021 à The Vision for 2022

2021 – what a year.  For all of us, it meant the second year of living through a worldwide pandemic that I’m sure no one anticipated lasting this long.  It was a second year of trying to adjust to the “new normal.”  From a private equity standpoint, the acceleration of deal flow in the latter part of 2020 continued throughout 2021.  It has been a time of explosive growth for many companies across many sectors with acquisitions for platforms representing a significant portion of that deal flow.  Many businesses that were confronted with substantial challenges in 2020 navigated those challenges successfully and outperformed expectations in 2021 having become more resilient, more cost effective.  The year also challenged many on a personal level, with fits and starts associated with schools and offices, challenges to address vaccination requirement, and for many families a number of personal and financial losses.  I’m sure for many, if not all of us, it was another year that flashed by in a blur.

2021 was a year of accomplishments for Vector Advisory.  Most importantly, we had the opportunity to help many first-time clients envision and execute strategies for transformation growth.  We worked to innovate and share tools to help support M&A success, including our M&A integration planning tool Vector Advisory (vector-advisory.com).  We also enjoyed celebrating our 1 year anniversary with local clients, colleagues and friends of the firm! While we are extremely proud of the work performed by our team, we are reflective of what we can do better… To achieve our goal of creating remarkable experiences for our clients and our team.

As another year is about to end,  it’s a great time to step back and think about professional and personal relationships, personal development, and goal setting for the upcoming year. We asked our team to provide a few of their own thoughts and have included a couple responses below:

“I know it’s said every year, but 2021 zoomed by and was gone in a flash. It was a year of change, growth, and accomplishments both personally and professionally for me. Professionally, I was lucky enough to join Vector Advisory on December 1, 2021. It’s only been a few weeks in my role as Manager, but I have already seen the impact Vector Advisory provides to our clients and am extremely proud to be a part of the team. I look forward to what 2022 brings and to be able to be a part of a team that strives to provide remarkable client experiences and settles for nothing less. I know that being a part of this team will help me continue to achieve personal and professional growth.” – Priscilla Zambrano, Manager

“Reflecting on the past year, there is one word to describe 2021 for me – transitional. While 2020 was a life-changing year for many, 2021 was a year that I transitioned back into the consulting world with my former colleague and mentor, Shelby Faubion.  I’ve always enjoyed consulting and I’m passionate about helping clients across many industries optimize and innovate their processes and structure.  Vector Advisory’s vision to be a go-to partner to advise on and institute solutions while providing the best client service experience directly aligns with my personal and professional goals, and I’m honored to join Shelby and help execute this vision.  Vector Advisory is building an incredible team, and the possibilities for 2022 are endless.  Someone told me years ago, “there is no room for feeling in business”, and while I understand this view, I respectfully disagree.  To be successful in business you must establish genuine personal and professional relationships to deliver a quality experience.  This year, a surprise gift from one of our best clients labeling me as their “chaos coordinator” is what it’s all about (thanks R1 and R2)!  I’m in awe when I think about the high caliber of individuals and teams that we are fortunate to call our clients.  My goal for 2022 is to continue to raise the bar for quality we provide our current and prospective clients, and I welcome any and all feedback from you on how we can make that happen.  Cheers to a new and exciting year!” – LeAnne Perrine, Director

You see what our team has to say. How was 2021 for you? How do you envision 2022? What personal and professional goals do you have that you really want to accomplish in 2022? We have big plans! If you do too – let us know how we can help you reach those! Whether you need help with M&A Integration, Financial and Accounting processes/management, or compliance, Vector Advisory is here to help with a trained team of skilled professionals who will help you manage, navigate, and achieve your goals. Regardless of whether you engage us, we look forward to growing our relationship with you, being a sounding board for you as you define your vision, and generally being a resource for you and your business.